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Single During the Holidays?

Single? Not all times of the year are easy to be Single. I think we can all agree this is one of them. I think I have turned into someone who chooses to be single. I use this language because it feels empowering….and I’ve definitely chosen to be single rather than remain in relationships that don’t satisfy my soul. Because of this, I’ve spent the majority of my adult life …Read More

Signs and Moods and Things

I have a thing, it’s become unconscious at this point, and it can change my mood in half a second…and I think I like it most when I notice and I’m not even trying to..feels more like a sign. I look for heart shapes. No, I’m not 14. I look Everywhere. I saw one in a waffle yesterday. I see them in cracks on the ground. I see them in …Read More

Serenade To Shadow

A Serenade to Shadow Hi. How are you doing out there? I know there are a lot of people around my life who wish they hadn’t asked me that question in the past few weeks. Because I’ve had no choice but to be completely and totally vulnerable and honest. It just rolls out of my mouth before I can say, “I’m fine.”  Damn Shadow….leaking out everywhere right now. If you are …Read More

The Waves of Mindfulness

Mindfulness: “The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” What if you aren’t supposed to be as mindful as your best moment in meditation all the time?  What if that isn’t even the goal? What if, in this moment, I could give you permission to totally lose it and still be in the process of mindfulness? What if when you are flipping off the driver that cut …Read More