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Neuro-Acupuncture = Miracles

Miracles. That is how I feel after my first week using Neuro-Acupuncture in my practice.  Miracles.  I’m sorry for repeating myself but my mind is blown. I just returned from a week of studying the brain and neurology with Dr Linda and Jason Hao in Albuquerque.  If you told me after 5 days with them that I would, with just a few needles in the scalp, be calming tremors I …Read More

Being Seen

It has been a long time since I blogged. Sorry about that. Life has been in a perpetual state of movement and sitting and jotting down some thoughts has taken the back burner to simply living them. This brings me to the need to sit down today and write a few words. A few words that may move you, but also may mean nothing. I’m going to take the gamble …Read More

Fever dreams, wet coughs, Montezuma’s revenge, and spiritual enlightenment

This is not a blog about fever dreams or everything that comes after them. This blog does not necessarily want to be written. I just returned from two weeks on a spiritual journey to Mexico. Oaxaca to be specific. The land of mezcal of which I tried not one drop. I went on this trip without any itinerary knowing I would be picked up and taken everywhere the entire time. …Read More

Who am I? Who are you?

Who am I? In 2000 I got rid of my television. In 2016 I got rid of my Facebook account. If I am not defined by what they tell me, then who am I? If I am not the product of all that I read or take in from other people then who am I to think the thoughts I think? If I, connecting only with myself, my source, my …Read More


Hungry? I was just thinking about this really interesting metaphor. And it came down to the idea of sides. When you’re at a restaurant or even at your home there’s a main course and then there are the sides, right? The sides are distractions. When you’re a kid, putting the peas in the mashed potatoes is a distraction from the main event. And I feel that’s where we are right …Read More

Revolution Begins With You!

Revolution Begins Inside Us. Join Me. There is no peace outside unless there is peace on the inside. Join Me. I will add more dates as I have them. But let’s start in Kingston, Wa at Village Green on Tuesday, November 15 at 6pm. Bring a notebook. Bring a pen. Bring your open heart. And let’s fix this mess.

The Power to Quit

The power to quit. I don’t think I have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I’ve tried to quit eating sugar. I would make it through the terrible detox and then maybe a month or two before the inevitable thought that I can  have just one square of dark chocolate.  Which leads me predictably eating the entire bar which leads to me having absolutely no control over how much …Read More

Meditation for the Masses

Meditation for the Masses: It’s the heat and depth of summer and we are so in our bodies right now! We’re being active (or wishing we were more active) and enjoying being hot (mostly enjoying). There is an ease with which we sweat and release everything that’s usually too cold and locked behind layers of clothing the rest of the year! So it’s also a great time to watch our minds and …Read More


It’s hard to not be affected by what’s going on around us right now…and perhaps bringing this up on my page doesn’t have anything to do with overtly with health…but I think it needs to be said. I can say, as I watched this video below, I cried for the simple beauty of it.  The simple, obvious, clear, beauty.  So much of our daily conscious and unconscious thought is surrounded …Read More

5 Ways to Quit Unconscious Stress

Ugh, Stress. I can be a stress head if I let myself.  Really.  Easily.  So I have a few tricks that are lifesavers for me.  When I reflect back at my day, it is the unconscious stress that really derails me…if it was one of those days. What is unconscious stress?  And how do you quit something you don’t even know is there? Fabulous questions!  Unconscious Stressors are the ones that …Read More