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Your Action Matters Now More Than Ever.

I know 5 women who haven’t been sexually abused.


I am counting every person who has been significant in my life. And this is not a small number.

Let me say that again so you understand. In roughly 100 people…I know 5 who haven’t in some way been sexually abused.

Let that sink in.

Really let that sink in.

How can this be a reality?

How can this still be a reality?
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I love being right. I love that confirmation through my entire body when I know I’m making the right decision. Or seeing something clearly. I use it in my work a lot. It’s what helps me figure out what’s going on with the person sitting in front of me.

But life is messy. And when you’re in a relationship with another human…it’s important to remember that everybody has their own journey. And their entire journey may not be your journey. And your entire journey may not be their journey. And so sometimes, when you know you’re right, it truly may not be right for them.Read More

Is Comfort Food “Comfortable?”

Hi. My names Elisha, and I’m sensitive to Gluten. And Nightshades. And processed sugar. Well all sugar but I’m not ready to admit that fully yet. Ugh. What a way to accept a dinner invite..am I right? “Yes, I’d love to come over but I don’t eat…” I’m that person. I never thought it would be me. Well, it used to be me, I healed it, and now it’s me …Read More

Signs and Moods and Things

I have a thing, it’s become unconscious at this point, and it can change my mood in half a second…and I think I like it most when I notice and I’m not even trying to..feels more like a sign. I look for heart shapes. No, I’m not 14. I look Everywhere. I saw one in a waffle yesterday. I see them in cracks on the ground. I see them in …Read More

Dreams Vs. Purpose: The Unconscious Battle

Remember when you were a kid and you knew exactly how your life would go? Personally, in my first dream I was going to be Indiana Jones. I didn’t know how, but that was going to be me, whip lasso thingy and all. Remember how your dreams changed and got more real the older you got? I dropped my dreams of adventuring and instead saw myself meeting the right person, …Read More

Solstice 2017: Time for Shadow Work!

It’s almost here. It’s almost that beat when the planet goes dark, way dark and then before we know it…it doesn’t feel like night all the time. But it’s this place, this floating place as we glide into the shortest day, the longest dark, this is the place where the best work gets done…because it’s in the shadows that we make room for the light. I won’t get into the …Read More

Can you Feel the Shift?

Can you feel the shift? There is something subtle this time of year that makes all my senses tingle. Makes me feel the edges that want to soften. Makes me remember those who I’ve lost and want to say a prayer for. Makes me breathe deeply and pull in the sweet scent the falling leaves offer. This thinning veil makes me whimsical. Can you feel the shift? It’s so subtle. …Read More

The Light of Louise Hay

It’s just like death to make you remember what needs to be remembered…. There was a light hidden deep within me that Louise Hay dragged out of me. There was a time when the concept of self love was as foreign to me as speaking Latin.  There was a time when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was wrong, bad, stupid, worthless, unlovable and you can …Read More

Serenade To Shadow

A Serenade to Shadow Hi. How are you doing out there? I know there are a lot of people around my life who wish they hadn’t asked me that question in the past few weeks. Because I’ve had no choice but to be completely and totally vulnerable and honest. It just rolls out of my mouth before I can say, “I’m fine.”  Damn Shadow….leaking out everywhere right now. If you are …Read More

Neuro-Acupuncture = Miracles

Miracles. That is how I feel after my first week using Neuro-Acupuncture in my practice.  Miracles.  I’m sorry for repeating myself but my mind is blown. I just returned from a week of studying the brain and neurology with Dr Linda and Jason Hao in Albuquerque.  If you told me after 5 days with them that I would, with just a few needles in the scalp, be calming tremors I …Read More