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Energy Acupuncture

acu-no-wordsIf you are looking for a space where you are heard, you have found it. If you are looking for someone who can help you Shift, you have found her.


We are all in agreement that we exist here, in a physical space, right?

Well, a much larger part of us actually exists around us in the form of energy. And believe it or not, it’s that space which we are largely unaware of that makes our body, mind and spirit feel un-well. This is the space where I do most of my work.

By influencing your energy layers I immediately shift your physical experience. Shifting from one element, to another different element. Energy into Form. Form into Energy.

What is Energy Acupuncture?

Energy Acupuncture is a specialty I have been carefully and passionately crafting for over 20 years. Who is is best for? This is a treatment for someone who wants to see the connection and pattern to their life, their health, their journey. This is a treatment that sees the whole you and helps put it in perspective. This is a treatment that uses everything at my disposal to get to your truth and help you understand it like you may have never before.

How? I listen. I observe. I offer clear feedback and direction when called for. I have a warm, healing, beautiful healing space (which is part of the healing, I assure you.) I have a ridiculously comfortable treatment bed. I have soothing ambient music. I have fresh sheets on the beds. I have gentle hands, soft technique and the ability to see things many can’t. I anoint you with beautiful scents to bring you deeply into the experience. I have a special meditation waiting for you, that’s just for you.

I believe what sets me apart from everyone else is my diverse training in not only science and the physical, but esoteric arts and sound and music that all come together to make a great, healing, transformative experience!

Each session is individually and intuitively crafted and may consist of the following modalities: Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Tui Na, Essential Oil therapy, Tuning Fork “Acutonic” healings, Moxibustion, InfraRed therapy, Cupping, Tarot readings, Energy Medicine and Reiki, Intuitive readings, Guided Visualizations, Yoga and other physical openings, Diet Therapy, and Meditation instruction. It may also involve you throwing a temper tantrum…the world is our oyster.

Each session will be different and suggestions in the form of diet, meditation, perhaps an Essential oil or Flower Essence, journaling, and or exercise and stretching may be suggested at the end of most treatments.

I offer these Energy Acupuncture sessions currently three times a week. They are not billable to insurance and last 90-mimutes. The sessions cost $175.

To schedule please call the office at 360-598-3206 or email Healing (at) ElishaWeinberg #dot# Com.

The sessions are: Wednesdays from 3-4:30, Thursdays from 5-6:30, and Fridays from 2-3:30.