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Forget what you know about acupuncture. 

Shamanic Acupuncture is a mixture of finely tuned healing ingredients woven together to reawaken you on this healing journey of life. 

Go within and breathe sacred balance back into your core.

Drop into the cool waters of your consciousness.

Realign your body, mind and soul with your true intentions.

Anchor this knowingness into your physical form for a truly changed life. 

This is a gift of deeply nourishing healing ceremony. 

Holy Crown Chakra Batman!

I’m not an astrologer, nor do I write about astrology with words like square and strings of planets before or after, but what I am…is VERY sensitive.

So let me tell you….I am feeling this. And by this…I mean this.

Did you read it? I’ll wait.

Ok. First, never dismiss the perfectly timed messages of a yogi tea bag. That’s just silly.

Second….I was doing my morning mantra and the most beautiful meditation washed right over me, filled me, and then expanded me exponentially.

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It’s real good. Let’s remote view some stuff.

So.  I am in LOVE with doing distance work.  Or remote work.  Turns out they mean the same thing but to different people.  Look how much I ‘m learning these days!

I have been touching people professionally (I could have written that with so much less innuendo, but…wheres the fun in that?)  for over a decade now and while that is a love that will never be challenged by anything, there are pressures to keep increasing the price…Essential Oil prices go up, needle prices, rents…etc….  And while my treatments stay as grounded in overwhelming love as always, I can now touch people cyber-ly and charge WAY less and help in the ways that I crave helping and EVERYONE wins.

Now isn’ t that real good?

So to make this

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