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Elisha’s Family Acupuncture with Elisha Weinberg, L.Ac

Acupuncture isn’t just about needles.  It’s about listening.  It’s about presence.  And most of all, its about helping you feel the way you want to feel.  More alive.  Pain-Free.  Well rested.  Balanced.  Joyful.

This medicine is amazing because it takes all of you into account.  It takes the time to get you know you, and by doing so helps you learn yourself and your needs even better.

Come experience why Acupuncture is your new favorite thing!


The Waves of Mindfulness

Mindfulness: “The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.”

What if you aren ‘t supposed to be as mindful as your best moment in meditation all the time?  What if that isn’ t even the goal?

What if, in this moment, I could give you permission to totally lose it and still be in the process of mindfulness?


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