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Life Purpose Numerology is the gift you have been waiting to give yourself.

It’s a profound and easy to use road-map taking you from what lessons you have in life, to your souls desires.  It roots you in what gives you a strong foundation.  It shows you how people see you and more importantly what you have the opportunity to give them through relationship.  You will learn the special gifts you can activate to make your life more profound, as well as the unconscious gifts that have been supporting you all along.  Finally we complete this story by unveiling your purpose.  Your life purpose spoken in clear language, aimed at helping you understand exactly what you are doing here!

These Life Purpose Numerology Readings aren’t about telling you something you don’t know about yourself, they are to focus and clarify your purpose path to highlight the best parts of who you are for even greater, more awakened, profound and brilliant existance!


The Faces of Mercury in Retrograde

Re-think.  Re-Imagine.  Re-learn.  Re-do.  Re-explain.  Re-member.
I know what you ‘ve heard and probably experienced when it comes to Mercury in retrograde.  And I’ ve been there and done that as well.  But lately, I ‘ve changed my mind about the world around me, and with it my thoughts on this tri-yearly phenomena.

Yes, the hype is true, three times a year Mercury, the planet of communication and our nearest neighbor in the sky seems to stop in it’ s tracks and then travel backwards (retrograde) causing all kinds of havoc in

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Learning Trust.


She called and I came. Whittled my belongings down to the nub–a priceless nub–packed them in my car once again–like leaving a place that never felt like home for the West, then leaving another

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