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Life Purpose Numerology is the gift you have been waiting to give yourself.

It’s a profound and easy to use road-map taking you from what lessons you have in life, to your souls desires.  It roots you in what gives you a strong foundation.  It shows you how people see you and more importantly what you have the opportunity to give them through relationship.  You will learn the special gifts you can activate to make your life more profound, as well as the unconscious gifts that have been supporting you all along.  Finally we complete this story by unveiling your purpose.  Your life purpose spoken in clear language, aimed at helping you understand exactly what you are doing here!

These Life Purpose Numerology Readings aren’t about telling you something you don’t know about yourself, they are to focus and clarify your purpose path to highlight the best parts of who you are for even greater, more awakened, profound and brilliant existance!


5 Tricks to Unblock your Creativity

As many of you know, creativity is my main course of the day.  Weather it ‘s inspiration energetically in my work…or creating a new galaxy in my writings….and I am constantly challenged to remain an open channel for receiving guidance.  Primarily because I am stubborn, and also largely because we are raised in a culture devoid of connection with the “unseen” realms.

I call phooey on that…and with that level of maturity I would like to offer you my FIVE favorite techniques for getting out of a creative rut…spiritually or otherwise!  (I know you are expecting me to lead with the second chakra…so I am leaving that out of the mix entirely.  All 5 of these are totally and completely practical, and don’ t require any skill other than being human!)

1.  Exercise

I am not a fan of exercise.  I flow

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Top 3 Essential Oils you need in your First Aid Kit

Lavender flower

As you know, before I begin my list it is my duty to remind you that all Essential Oil companies are not created equally.  When looking at companies it ‘s important to understand their motivations for being a company and how they respond to their commitments to the Earth.  As always my recommendation to you is to support Floracopeia.  I have used them with the most amazing results for years and years.

OK.  Off my soap box.

I get asked this question all the time and thought perhaps it would be useful for you to know what Essential Oils you could have on hand for emergencies.  These three oils can handle almost anything you throw at them.  From Cold and Flue season, to cuts and scrapes, to burns to insomnia and beyond.  If you have these within reach at all times you will be able to deal with most situations that arise for you and your friends and family.  Most of the time it is inappropriate to put Essential Oils directly on your skin, but these three oils are safe for direct application…though you can always feel free to mix them with a carrier oil of your choice (I usually use Coconut.)

1) Lavender.

Lavenders are very important to know your source from.  You want to have a pure lavender for your medicine chest.  Lavender is sort of the save all.  It can go directly on fresh burns.  It can soothe itchy skin and insect bites.  It can help relax an anxious stomach or anything that needs relaxing.  It can assist when insomnia is knocking.  It is great for Night Terrors for kids.  It is antibacterial/antiviral so it can even disinfect a wound, though I recommend Tea Tree below.  I can’ t say enough good stuff

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